Thank you for visiting my website!  This boutique is designed for children, teenagers, Moms and pets to come.    As you cruise through the website you’ll find  these flower bows are irresistible!  A Mom, teenager or princess girl can never have too many flower bows……Hope you find your experience to be an enjoyable and memorable one.   If you are looking for something and you do not see on the website, we’d love to hear about it!  We are only a call  (916)500-4374 or email support @flashysassyboutique (no spaces) away.    A customer’s experience is a top priority for us.  If there is something you do not like, we’d love to know about that too!  There will continually be new items added to the website… so check in often.

How did get on the map?  The inspiration came from my daughter Sophia .  She gets all the credit. We are nature lovers, especially with flowers. We were coming back from her New York experience over the summer and she said to me “ Mom we don’t have flower bows like they do in NY being out here in CA.  She loved the way you can use them by clipping them in your hair, pinning them and wearing them in your ponytail.  The fact that we are nature lovers and love the uniqueness of these flowers is why Flashy Sassy Boutique was born.

As a start, the Flashy Sassy Boutique currently has some beautifully handmade boutique  flower bows that can be a perfect compliment to any outfit or occasion.  Boutique quality at  affordable prices for everyone.

Not to mention, our bow flowers are unique!  Have you ever had that moment where you had a bow flower or bow and you wanted to use it in your hair one day and clipt on your outfit the next day?   Flashy, Sassy Boutique has the answer!    Here at Flashy Sassy Boutique you can use the flowers in 3 ways.  Yup, that’s right!  They are triple X  bow flowers!  You can clip it in your hair, pony tail it in your hair or pin it on that favorite outfit you’re wearing for the day.   No more having to use it one way but now 3 ways. And it is cost effective.

Our mission is to provide YOU with the “Wow” customer centric support &  for  YOU to leave with that HAPPY & FEEL GOOD experience too!  And come back and visit us!

Unlike a lot of websites out there, we do have real people that monitor this website frequently to make it a more pleasant shopping experience for you.




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